Talent – Leonidas of Samos

Posted by Administrator on June 30, 2010

Most of you know Leonidas of Sparta. If you don’t know anything about Greek mythology, go see the movie 300.

There’s now a new Leonidas. And he’s just as impressive.

Bass Drum beat please:
128 BPM … Bring in the Bass …
Open the filter … Close the filter … Start the whoosh FX
Keep the beat steady …

Ladies and Gentlemen: I give you Leonidas of Samos.

Applause … Applause … Applause …

Don’t stop the Bass Drum… Keep the beat going …

Born and raised in Samos, Greece. Started playing with an analog cassette recorder when he was 4. Began Dj’ing in his late teens. Listened to tons of Bowie, Zeppelin, Tenaglia, Morales and so many others. Master mixer and creator of The Leonidas Mix , a superb version of Romeo and Juliet.

I take great pleasure in welcoming and inaugurating the talent page with Leonidas’ work. I am sure he’ll give us many more tracks in the future.

And if you’re ever in downtown Samos, go ask for Leonidas at the Sante Music Café. Say Alec sent you. You might get a free cup of this nice thick Greek coffee.

Pssst ! when you click on The Leonidas Mix, you get the 8 minute remix AND the 6 minute  Aegean Club Mix.

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