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Hi all,

As posted on my FB page, this is a test site. Well, not really a test site since you can actually purchase tracks and /or a CD. It’s more like a temporary working site. Truth is, I’m testing the mp3 downloading system and making sure I don’t encounter the same issues as in the previous site.

Many of you know that I was sending the tracks (that you were kind enough to purchase) via DROPBOX. Not a very good method. Here’s hoping that this is now behind us.

For now, I’ll be running TWO sites. Eventually if the mp3 buying and downloading procedures of this site work as well as they should, I’ll consolidate both sites into one.

In the end, the new site will look pretty much like what you’re looking at now but with many more clickable items.

No more dancing match stick character, no more “enter” button and more obvious clicks for quicker and hopefully simpler (better?) navigation.

For the tech heads among you, portable Apple / MAC devices don’t support Flash generated images. For the non-techies this simply means you couldn’t see the dancing animation (Landing page of previous site) or the shooting stars on the iPad, iPhone etc….

I am fully aware that there are many other tablet manufacturers that DO support whatever iPads don’t, but for the sake of conforming with all brands, I’ve decided to eliminate any and all animation that could clash with this or that tablet.

About the future of CDs: I still record my albums on CD media but that seems to be a thing of the past. Most of you listen to Music on your smart phones, iPods or other portable devices. In addition, cars are now equipped with all sorts for cradles and USB ports for mp3 playback. Not the best thing that ever happened to recorded Music but it is what it is.

A sign of the times: Some 2013 MAC desktop computers will now come without a CD/ DVD drive. This should tell you something.

It’s hard to follow all the technological innovations but one thing seems clear: The afore mentioned portable devices will soon be able to play back musical recordings at the same bandwidth as CDs. Maybe even at higher resolutions. What with the data transfer speed and larger storage capability of USB 3 and the all new and appropriately named Thunderbolt.

I don’t know what will happen to CD booklets and CD Art Work but if logic has its way, that too will vanish in the nebula of memories.

The Art Work graph of the Music world is a fairly simple downward line. We went from Vinyl album covers to a smaller version for CDs to abracadabra … Gone! Maybe someone will find a way to engrave Art Work on a Flash drive. Great business for magnifying lenses.

Does this all mean that if you’re interested in purchasing a CD quality recording but would prefer the practicality and portability of a USB flash drive, you should be able to purchase it at this site? The short answer is “yes eventually” and “probably”. But we’re not there yet, so for now the 1892 Once Upon A Village album is available on CD. And as is/was the case with Romeo & Juliet and The Hunchback , all CDs will have the buyer’s name and a serial number embedded in them.

One more thing: there’s no blog on this site. We can ALL express ourselves on FB nowadays. Which means that views and comments concerning the look of this new site, the album or any subject you wish to tackle, can (should?) be posted on my FB page. But if you prefer direct contact, you can e mail me at:

As always: Thank you for your support.